Vivian Lane Testimonial

In the fall of 2002 our beautiful healthy daughter was born. She was the
perfect addition to our family which included a son who was almost three.
Our daughter, Vivian, hardly cried at night, but I could hear her move
around quite a bit in her crib. When I would check on her she had her eyes closed.
I thought she was dreaming.
When she was two months old she started screaming for hours every
evening. I tried walking, rocking, swaddling, even white noise, but nothing
helped. The pediatrician suggested changing her formula. I tried many, giving
them each a week trial. The crying continued and I was told she was colicky and
would outgrow it eventually. Vivian started crying less each night and at around
six months old we had quiet evenings.
Vivian had always been a little stubborn and became more so as she aged.
Everything became a battle of wills and at age two she said she hated me. There
were horrible tantrums when she didn’t get her way. Neither punishment nor
giving in made it better.
I started reading books and articles about parenting a willful child, food
allergies, and even a few about mental illness. I talked to friends and relatives and
was told it’s “the terrible two’s”. They lasted until she was eight years old.
The first dental exam Vivian had with Dr. Patel he mentioned that her
airway looked small. He recommended we see an ENT regarding tonsils and
adenoids. The ENT said everything looked fine.
I reported back to Dr. Patel about the ENT visit and he asked me about her
sleep habits and how well she slept at night. Vivian tossed and turned all night,
occasionally fell out of bed, and wet the bed five nights a week. He suggested a
sleep study.
Our insurance gave me a difficult time about a sleep study for a child that
had no ENT problems. We did not have a sleep study done.
Dr. Patel met Dr. Boyd and our world changed. Dr. Patel took models of
Vivian’s teeth, photographs of her teeth and face, and x-rays. He showed me her
airway on an x-ray and it was not even the size of a straw.
Dr. Boyd suggested upper and lower expanders to widen the jaw and open
the airway. Two to three months after the expanders were started I noticed Vivian
would not argue when asked to do a task. She and I had less battles and her eating
habits improved. I would watch her sleep. She had her mouth closed and did not
After a year of having her expanders she was a different child. She would
do chores with only the typical amount of complaining, she was getting A’s in
school, and she was wonderful to be around. She now tells me she loves me. She
is intelligent, funny, and has a huge kind heart. This is the kid that I hoped to have
when we left the hospital ten years earlier.