Example of patient wearing orthotropic expanders playing her trumpet



Check out our amazing patient Molly Godfrey playing beautifully on her trumpet, all while wearing her orthotropic expanders…pretty impressive Molly


Testimonial from Kim Kane Mother of 6 year old Erin Kane Bourbonnais, Illinois

We cannot say enough about the palate expansion procedure that our daughter received. Our daughter Erin is a six year old young girl with a rough start in life. After having a series of strokes at a week old, she was on intubated for three weeks. She pulled through and was left with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and cortical vision impairment. She had to learn how to swallow again, with the help of speech and swallow services and has been serviced by speech pathologists for years. It has always been a concern of theirs that her palate was high, probably due to intubation. The high palate affected everything. From eating to speaking. She was on a soft diet for most of her life. When we went to Dr. Boyd, he saw the individual Erin is rather than the disabilities she has. He believed that she deserved to have all the be benefits that an expanded palate could offer. In the months since the expansion began, we observed a dramatic change in her eating, she was able to now eat crunchy foods because she could push off the roof of her mouth.  She actually seemed to learn how to eat again. She has been gaining weight too. Once labeled with failure to thrive, we have been overjoyed. She also began saying more words. She now says everyone’s name in the home and many other words to communicate. The people at her school are thrilled when she asks them for “huggies.” As her parents, it has always been our belief that she deserves any and every opportunity in life. It was refreshing to find a doctor who felt the same.